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Find out more about Liebermania projects and general Tomfoolery at the following links:

  • Ukulele Alley

    The musical misadventures of Luke the Uke. The family tree is Mahogany.

  • Rio Nido

    Vocal jazz trio featuring Prudence Johnson, Tim Sparks & Tom Lieberman. Accept no substitute.

  • Tom Lieberman

    Originals, Chestnuts & Roots, served up by You-Know-Who. Plays well with others.

  • Sweet Land

    Winner of the Film Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature. Every journey ends at home.

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Tom Lieberman

Ukulele Alley

CD cover of Common Denominator

Common Denominator

Original Bossa, Boogie & Bounce
from Tommy & The Liebermen

“Bluesy, simmering, profoundly philosophical…”
“Gentle, playful, romantic & infectious…”

$20 with free shipping